David Ogilvy Quotes

David Ogilvy CBE was an advertising tycoon and founder of Ogilvy & Mather. Many consider him the “Father of Advertising”.


Trained at the Gallup research organisation, he attributed the success of his campaigns to meticulous research into consumer habits.


While Ogilvy was most famous for building and establishing brands, he was primarily interested in direct marketing. He initially built his agency using a direct mail promotion. He ran direct response advertisements in major newspapers to generate leads.


At age seventy-five, Ogilvy was asked if anything he’d always wanted had somehow eluded him. His reply was, “Knighthood. And a big family – ten children.” He only had one child, a son.


Ogilvy died on 21 July 1999 at his home, the Ch√Ęteau de Touffou, in Bonnes, France. However, his books and writings o makerting are still widely read.